Young in Nunclear and Women in Nuclear Congress

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Young in Nunclear and Women in Nuclear Congress

Young in Nunclear and Women in Nuclear Congress Argentina

Del 12 al 17 de marzo de 2018

Bariloche has a long history of nuclear energy research, development and operation. Proof of its commitment to these activities is the foundation of the Atomic Energy Commission (Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, CNEA) in 1950. The country is capable of producing nuclear fuel elements which not only supply the national power reactors, but also those for research reactors in Argentina, Egypt, Algeria, Peru and Australia. There are three operating nuclear power plants in Argentina generating around 10% of the national electrical energy consumption. The government has plans to build more nuclear power plants, as well.

IYNCWiN18 will be hosted in Bariloche, a beautiful city in the province of Río Negro, Argentina, located 1640 km away from Buenos Aires.

Bariloche lays on the south shore of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, at 770 meters above sea level. Being one of the most important tourist resorts in Argentina, this beautiful mountain village has become the entrance gate to Argentine Patagonia.

The urban zone has a unique landscape diversity that varies from the imposing scenery of the Andes and its rainforest, to the characteristic steppe-like vegetation in a short range of a few kilometers, thanks to its location in the transition zone between the pre-cordillera and the steppe.

With a wide variety of services based on an important infrastructure of all-category hotels, Bariloche offers the widest range of options for conventional and adventure tourism, as well as, a very important pole of scientific and technological development on a national and international level.

Bariloche is also home to the Bariloche Atomic Center, devoted to basic and applied physics research along with nuclear and mechanical engineering. Basic research is focused on deepening understanding and development of nuclear energy. Applied sciences have provided support for both state and privately owned companies. The main areas of research include: materials, neutrons, thermodynamics and theoretical physics.

Within the complex operates the Balseiro Institute, a very prestigious university that offers physics, nuclear, mechanical and telecommunications engineering degrees. Also, RA-6, a 1 MW experimental reactor operates within the complex. RA-6 is used for educational proposes and to perform experiments and BNCT medical treatments for terminal cancer patients.

Travel recommendations

Arriving to Bariloche from the rest of the world takes one stop either in Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile.  There are two possible ways to reach Bariloche from Buenos Aires: bus or plane.

Regarding the first option, there are many buses companies that cover that route. Among the most popular are Via BarilocheFlecha Bus and Crucero del Norte, being the last one the only one with English language option available in its web page. For those who are keen on Spanish, Plataforma 10 may be of interest as it is a bus services search page (it is necessary to create an account to buy tickets and some extra charges might be applied).

When it comes to flying to Bariloche, the two airlines available are Aerolíneas Argentinas (SkyTeam) and LATAM (OneWorld). There are a wide variety of times tables, being Aerolíneas Argentinas the company with the greatest. In case you decide to take a flight with Aerolíneas Argentinas, be careful to check that the final destination is AEP instead of EZE (or if you do pick EZE take into account that Ezeiza airport is 30 Km away from Buenos Aires and a shuttle or taxi to the city can be above U$S 30).

You can also flight straght from Santiago de Chile to Bariloche with LATAM (OneWorld).